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To my constituents of NC House District 43,

Now is the time to take the seat back.

I, come before you to announce my candidacy to run for the NC House of Representatives District 43. While out of the political spotlight two years, I have remained active and committed in the community fighting for resources that rightfully belong to Cumberland County.


The players may have changed; however, the issues remain the same: better paying jobs, access to affordable healthcare, voting rights, green renewable energy, education, infrastructure, greater support for our military community and the rising concerns regarding COVID-19.

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Proudly serving
Cumberland County

You need a representative that will advocate for you. Just like USPS, UPS, AMAZON and FEDEX “I WILL” deliver for Cumberland County. Will you consider joining our grassroots campaign? 

Thank you! We'll be in touch.




Become one of our first grassroots donors by clicking an amount below. This is our campaign, so let’s get it done together.

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